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Hosted PBX


Key concepts behind a Hosted PBX service :

» Your telephone system is "hosted" or operated by your provider
» Works with your existing telephone service or completely replaces it
» Can be used with Landlines, mobile phones, VoIP service or might include VoIP service
» You don't need any equipment – we Host all of that for you Off-Site.
» Most businesses save from 50-85% over Traditional Phone Costs. 

Central Business Number

With Hosted PBX, you can present a unified company image under one central telephone number. All of your employees-whether in a central office, branch offices, home offices, or traveling-are reachable through your main number.

Extension options

Every extension in a Hosted PBX can be designated as a "Live Extension" that is able to take calls, or a "Mail-Only Extension" that's designed to receive voicemail only.

Fax with No Fax Machine

Online fax service with Hosted PBX works for both inbound and outbound faxing. This means you can have all the benefits of faxing without buying a fax machine, and without buying an Extra Fax Line.

Call Recording

Any or all calls can be recorded, saved, and played back later to assist in training employees or to meet legal or other requirements.

Easy Web-Based Management

To help make system configuration easy, we provide a graphical, web-based tool, accessible from any web browser. Administrators are granted complete access to oversee, change, and monitor all system functions.

Multi-Number Option

While having a single incoming Business number gives your business a unified presence, sometimes it can be very useful to have multiple incoming business numbers. Every Hosted PBX can have an unlimited number of incoming numbers.

No Busy Signals

Many companies find that they need to add more phone lines to keep their system from ringing busy when call traffic is high. Calls placed to your business through Hosted PBX are answered by our Phone System, where we have hundreds of lines and never ring busy.

Auto-attendant (Virtual Receptionist)

The auto-attendant is a central part of the Hosted PBX system. This is the part of the system that initially answers the incoming calls, eliminating the need for a full-time receptionist. Callers hear a custom business greeting, and then are given options for routing their calls.

Custom Greeting

The message heard by callers when the auto-attendant answers incoming calls can be changed to meet your specific needs. Record the exact greeting you want callers to hear, in a manner that suits your budget.


Improving your company image can be as easy as playing a little music. While callers are waiting to be connected to an extension, they can listen to music or a recorded message. Choose music from a wide variety of interesting titles, or generate excitement with a promotional message.

Day and Night Modes

You may want your phone system to act differently after business hours. With VirtualPBX, you have several after-hours options, available at the click of a button.

Virtual Extensions

In most systems, extensions are assigned to physical telephones. Employees have to be at their phones to receive calls. With  extension numbers are assigned to people, and the people let the system know what phone (or phones) they want calls routed to, an important and poweful difference.

Follow-Me Calling

With follow-me calling, extension owners (employees) create a list of phone numbers where they might be reached, such as the number of the phone at their desk, their home office, or their cellular phone. With follow-me  you never have to miss an important call because you're on the road. We can reach you in any location there is a phone.

Advanced Call Transfers

With Hosted PBX, you can transfer callers anywhere in the system: to another employee, to the operator, to an automatic call distribution (ACD) queue, or to an outside number.

User Experience

As a truly business class phone system, we've also incorporated features that can help you maximize your business efficiency if the phone is a critical part of your day-to-day function.

Easy, Web-Based Extension Configuration

Many functions and features of the system can controlled directly by each extension owner through any web browser.

Call Answer Security

With follow-me calling, you can send your calls to any phone. Some of these phones might be used by other people, such as a home phone. Call-answer security lets you set a password that must be entered before a call is actually connected. If the password is not given, the call will move to the next number in the follow-me list, or to voicemail.


There are times when you don't want your phone to ring, and want callers sent directly to voicemail. To meet this need, VirtualPBX allows extension owners to mark their extensions as unavailable.

Voice and Faxmail

Multiple options to receive your voice and fax messages means that you'll never miss those important calls, even if you're on the road.

Centralized Messages

Some People have Several Phones, each with its own voicemail. When they want to check their messages, they have to search through each system separately. Hosted PBX lets you centralize all the messages in One Place. 

Fax Viewing Options

VirtualPBX handles incoming faxes automatically, without the need for a fax machine. The faxes are delivered as .pdf files, and can be viewed through our web tool, or forwarded to your email for viewing.

TrueACD® queueing

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) queues are used when callers may know what they want, these callers will want to be connected with a department, such as sales or support. Without ACD queuing, callers must know the extension number of the person with whom they want to speak. With ACD.

Call-Waiting Signals

Sometimes employees in queues think they can chat because the phone lines aren't busy. TrueACD signals all queue members whenever there are callers waiting, so the agents know that they should wrap up their current calls in a businesslike fashion so they can help the next caller. There's never a case where an employee doesn't know people are waiting.

Queue Logs

In addition to knowing what is going on at any given moment, the Hosted PBX can generate reports what has happened in the past, allowing you to track call trends and improve your call center efficiency.


Having conferencing built-in removes the need for complicated third party conferencing services (that add more cost). Use ours, when you need it. It's always there.


With Hosted PBX, conferences can be started at any time, without the need to schedule a conference in advance with a conference provider. Each system includes 10 conference seats, so can have up to 10 people in a conference at once, and you can add more seats for just $10 per month by just giving us a call.

Every or any Extension Availability

Conferencing can be made available for every extension in the Hosted PBX system, or this privilege can be granted only to select extensions. Once enabled, each extension has its own private conference room, and conferences can be conducted at any time, regardless of other conferences in existence at other extensions.


A teleconference can be started at any time. Callers simply indicate a desire to join a conference by pressing a particular phone key and then entering the extension number.

Call Blocking

This feature lets you identify certain phone numbers, exchanges or area codes from which you will not take calls, saving you time and frustration from spammers.

Realtime Reporting

Managing your phone system is important to both business efficiency and cost control. Hosted PBX will give you complete, real-time records of all calls that come into the system, including call date and time, the incoming Caller ID, what extension or ACD queue the call was routed to, the caller ID of the phone that answered the call, how long the call was, and more.